About Godfrey kuma

Godfrey kuma is an entrepreneur who as passion for getting other young and aspiring entrepreneurs start and run there business and build it to there desire.

From those with a bag full of capital to bootstrappers. Without or with just a small capital. He can help you start and help you grow on a none failing foundation.

Right after is dropout from the University in Nigeria. He went about to found a fast growing and innovative pharmaceutical company. Which has turn out to be a big success in the part of his country in lives in. (Portharcourt Nigeria) he has also been out helping other young minds by hosting “a day event” such a business seminar on some of the most prestigious universities in his country.

But one thing stands out in business “whether asia, Africa or America.” Business faces almost the same challenge. So it doesn’t bring to mind were you are. Is wisdom’s and strategies always work everywhere and at all time.

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