Finding a blog niche, best way to build a royal audience.

Finding a blog niche, should be one of every bloggers first action before purchasing a domain name.

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Starting a blog with search engine traffic is definitely a slow route to earning more online. However it also the cheapest and is the most newbie friendly in terms of allowing you to make mistakes and learn from them. Without it costing you a dime.

If you create a sales page with paid traffic that doesn’t convert and it cost $100s or $10000s of dollars in wasted clicks. Make the same mistakes with a poorly written article aiming for search engine traffic and it costs you $0

What is it? Trying to drive traffic to your blog with paid search traffic source. When not harm with enough capital can be a big recipe for painful failure.

Paid traffic can be a big source to bring in visitors but it’s not the best for starters. Especially those without a big pocket loan with cash.

There are smart ways bloggers on budget can bring in traffic to grow there blog. And one of those ways is by finding a blog niche.

Finding a blog niche.

More topic = more traffic= more money, right? Yes and No.

Why sites like lifehacker, mashable, buzzfeed, You name them. Covers a huge range of topics, and rake in the cash. You don’t have to copy them. Unless you are backed by heavy V.C. capital, those big names with big budgets to hire websites developers, writers, and social media managers.

Which work together to produce hundreds of content a month. and you with your limited time can’t make it.

Instead, when people see you as a expert on a particular topic which you consistently write about. They truth your site and will always found a way to locate you anytime they need a specialize knowledge in that particular niche.

In this crowded blogging marketplace, writing a lot about one thing is far better than trying to cover all the topics.while we get people convince to return as they don’t know what next to expect and you may write about.

And beside how can you compete with those websites that has been around for year’s with thousands of articles. And hundreds publish every months.

Example, you create a blog about bodybuilding. Who are you talking to? If you write an article about how to loss weight fast, the beach body guys won’t care. If you write an article about how to lose body fat fast, the muscle dudes will worry about loss of muscle mass.

You could even break it down further to “Natty” (natural) or “juicing” (words) techniqueues. Include men vs women, and now we have several possible audience. To target our website to.

  • Natural bodybuilding gains to men.
  • Safe steroid use for body building women.
  • Bodybuilding for strength.
  • Lifting techniques to improve physique.

You see that niching the bodybuilding niche we help you quickly gain attention in the industry.

finding a blog niche help you win readers heart, has they assume you has expert

What is a blog niche.

Niche blogs are when you write about one thing, and one thing only. They are a blog with a one-track mind, having one purpose, one goal.

Why, in the world we you ever consider something as unfun as finding a blog niche? Because niche blogging is where real traction and traffic happen for a blog.

Yes, finding a blog niche is exactly were the money lies. That should be a huge truth these days with a niche blog, with finding a blog niche you can target a specific audience who will come to your site at regular interval. In fact, you should be able to make millions if you know the art of finding a blog niche.

Focusing on a specific niche is especially helpful for building an affiliate marketing website. You can promote niche products relevant to a specific audience -and make lots of money.

Best examples of a niche blog.

1.Megan the vegan mom:

Megan, the founder of “Megan the vegan mom,” blogs about her daily life as a vegan mom. She is a strong advocates of veganism as a former veterinarian who shares an immense love for pet, along with topics about motherhood, Megan likes to write about parties, lifestyle, and fashion. She covered topic on vegan parenting, vegan recipes, restaurants reviews, lifestyle. Her source if income. Is affiliate links, sponsorship.

2. Nerd fitness

This site targets “nerds, misfits and mutant,” and below them to get in shape through home workouts and private coaching.

Nerd fitness has 25 team members by him Bathurst, an award-wining personal trainer. The site also comes with an educational blog where you can learn more about working out.

Her main topics covered, is weight loss, working out. The main source of income.: is products and subscription sales.

3. Ps I’m on my way:

Trisha is a philisppines-born blogger who shares her adventures from travels around the globe. Being a digital nomad, she always has an interesting story to tell or impressions to share about various places. Moreover the blog has useful information for people who want to travel, including posts about visas, travel budgets, solo travel, and more.

Main topics covered include: travel, living abroad, female wellness.

Main source of income: travel coaching, travel courses, retreat sales.

4. Helen in wonderlust:

Helen is a travel writer and adventurer. She is also a professional yoyi. Although she has traveled all over the world, Africa seems to be her favourite continent. And it’s the main focus of her writing. Halen also owns a tour company called rock my adventure.

Main topics covered: travels, travel tips.

The main source of income: selling trips to Africa.

This is some brief example will can lay our hand upon. But you can Read more about it here.

Importance if finding a blog niche.

Finding a blog niche comes with a host of benefits when compared to other platforms. There’s several factors that have made the genre popular enough.

1. Targeted audience:

Unlike the regular blogs, finding a blog niche to cater to a high set of audience. Who may not be the recurring visitors to the site, the niche blogs cater to a targeted audience. It could be a group of a small audience or geography. If you can promote your writings well enough, there should be nothing that should stop you.

2. Become the expert:

Finding a blog niche and writing consisting on it, increase your trust. Who are you going to trust more when you need an answer to a very specific question? A blog that is dedicated specifically answering your question or a blog that has one or two post on that topic?

By blogging about a specific topic, you become the expert on that topic-no previous experience required, just passion! When you began to make research on a particular and relented topic every day. In just one year you have become an expert.

3. Attract loyal readers:

Problogger points, i’s like going to the same restaurant and ordering the same food every time- if you like it, why order something else? With blogging, if your readers get used to how a specific topic is discussed on your blog, they’ll keep coming back for more.

4. Easily monetise:

Finding a blog niche help you monetise your audience. As blogtraffic exhange point out, “niche blogging is where real money is right now, by having a very targeted audience coming to your blog every day. You can sell very targeted things and actually make millions of dollars blogging if you don’t right.

5. It can result in better SEO performance.

When you are working on a single niche there is a chance that search engines will consider you as an expert in the realm that you are working in. This can considerably improve your search engine ranking.

Search engines normally focus on user experiences and when you are able to provide them with targeted information. You will have a better chances of finding yourself on the front pages.

In fact, search engines will look for the content on the entire blog. And when it finds that site has relevant content in a single niche, it will go as a positive point in your favor.

Blog niche ideas to help you find a blog niche with proven demand.

If up to this hour you haven, ideally decide the one blog around. I have come out with over 50 blog niche idea, that you start.

And they are quiet lucrative because of the awesome audience they all have.

Small business, marketing advise, tax tips, digital advertising, sales coaching.

Personal finance, responsibly using credit cards, getting out of debt.

Frugal living, minimalism, investing and navigating the stock market.

Exploring restaurants in your city/area, recipes and meal prep tutorials. (General food blogging)

Yoga, meditation, spirituality, General healthy and wellness, healthy and wellness, healthy eating&nutrition.

Sightseeing Europe, luxury hotel tours, solo traveling, backpacking, (travel blogging)

Skating, biking, rock climbing, mountaineering, camping, breaking, hiking, running.

Marriage advice, psychology, science, physics, astronomy and relationships.

Self-improvement, book, reviews, productivity, career advice, interview tips.

Action movie critiques, popular tv shows shows discussions (like game of thrones)

Wedding photography, portrait photography, outdoor photography.

Fitness, endurance sports, weightlifting, training for athletic events.

Volleyball, hockey, tennis, gifting, soccer, football, baseball, basketball.

Solo parenting, advice for fathers, (or mothers) raising children abroad, parenting.

Is it a smart niche to blog about?

Keep in mind that a great starting point when choosing a blog niche. Is considering whether or not particular topic you’re interested in could be considered a smart niche to blog about.

Is whether or not other people share that interest with you. If there’s a sizable audience already seeking answers on a particular subject matter. Then you’ve git the makings of a great (possible) blog niche.


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