Easy ways to Increasing your side hustle traffic. (with blogging)

Why it may be fun with just some click of the mouse, to run a Facebook ads that may bring in traffic to your side gigs. But what if you don’t have the budget, and what if the ads click doesn’t convert? There is a proven way to increase your side traffic with blogging.

It’s payday, it’s also the end of the week wahoo! Weekend is here, you’ve been hanging out to get paid, so you can get the landlord off your back for being a week behind in rent. you’ve also earmarked some funds for Friday night drinks. because, let face it, you deserve it!

From student loan debt, to auto loan, to mortgage much of our youths and also adult are just some few bulk from paycheck. We all needs to get end meets and also needs the fun of life and all this need money to afford.

And, with this to depend solely on a single source of income (salary) to stuff all the necessary bill and get something left for rainy days is a big load to carry.

So what should I do? Ask for a raise? Better, if you’ll be approved.

An international survey of 10000 Workers by IPSOS found that 85% of employees are unhappy with their office environment and struggle to concentrate.

Meaning, 85% of our population are not happy during the major part of the day! Very poor.

What ever your challenge that may call for freedom. whether, been trap behind paying bills or been frustrated at workplace from 9-5. You are not alone.

44 million Americans has decide to create another sources of income all on the side, while still holding there day job.

The phrase “side hustle” has gained popularity over the years. What stated as a term referring to “making a little extra money” outside of a day job has turn into a way of life for many.

What an saying is that this 44 million Americans have a side hustle, which can rage from working on freelance projects after working hours. To driving for ride sharing companies on the weekends. Been a social media influencer to publishing ebook on Amazon.

Getting a side hustle is the best way to free your 9-5.

Side hustles stats.

In 2020 there are around 31.7 million bloggers in the U.S. According to estimates up from approximately 28 million bloggers in 2015. That accounts for over 10% of the countries population.

Also with a total work force of around 3.5 billion, there are about 1.1 billion freelancers around the word.

A third of US workforce has done freelance work at some point.

With this brief stat. You can see that even the side hustle world as a lot of competitors in every industry you may like to hustle.

There are tremendous presence still fighting for that same dollar with you.

You’ll need a medium through which to get to your target audience and build trust.

How to find customers to your side hustle.

When it comes to side hustling, one of the top questions I receive is about how to find customers. Of course, depending on your side hustle, but today I’ll like to help you brainstorm one way to attract the right client and keep them if your side hustle may needs online presence.

Like said before 44 million of the population are supporting there day job with side hustle, and if you are not already there you can, start yours today, whether it freelance writing, blogging, coaching, or freelance. Graphics designing, it depends on your area of expertise.

Many has been able to grow there side hustle to the level of firing there boss.

Also, many has been able to build it into a brand and it’s employing numbers of employees.

But whether you scale $20 dollar monthly or $20,000. “Awareness” is all it’s depends on. If you have a website it would be called a traffic.

You can’t make a sale without getting people know about your hustle, and there are many way you can create awareness to your website. But content marketing especially blogging standout.

That’s what we are diving into. To get continues traffic to your side hustle with blogging.

How can blogging grow a side hustle?

Blogs has become an integral part of online culture. Business from social media, to B2B software, to organizations has all leverage it to promote trust and solve perceive customers problem.

Practically, everyone reads blogs now, whether they are official news media, topic-based blogs related to one’s work or hobbies, or blogs purely for entertainment.

A recent study of 11k Rescuetime users found that people spend around 3 hours and 15 minutes a day on phones.

This increases the chances that people use in reading blogs.

That means if you already have a side hustle or want to start one, the truth is having a blog is one of the bullets proofs way to engage and connect with your audience.

1. Blogging increase brand trust and thought leadership.

U.S consumers says Authencities is one of the top qualities that would attract them to brand.

When you publish blog post, you’re establishing your brand as an authority in your industry.

You’re not simply saying you have solutions and care about solving your customers problems- you’re doing it with content. This instills confidence in your customers, it also position your brands as a thought leader in your industry.

If you want to see successful thought leadership in action, check out adobes website. Adobe, one of the Most innovative companies in the world according to forbes, offers an incredibly rich online library with blog posts for designers, marketers and innovators.

2. Blogging help drives traffic to your side hustle.

Business of all sizes and types wants prospective customers to come visit the websites. However, it’s not easy to drives traffic without first paying for the traffic. But if you don’t have enough money it’ll be a struggle to usher new visitors to your site.

With a blog, you’re going to attract more people to your business. Multiple studies found that businesses see a proportional increase in blog traffic from the number of blog posts they publish. Once you reach 21 to 54, you can see your traffic go up by as much as 30 percent.

Keep publishing high-quality posts, and you’ll keep increasing your web traffic.

Companies that have a blog get almost double the link to their websites, according to a study. Further the number of domains linking back to a page is one of the most important ranking factors that google uses when determining page rank.

3. Blogging proves you are industry leader.

A high-quality blog helps customers solve problems and answer questions. Each post that leaves your customers concerns addressed is a step closer to establishing your business as a reputable one, if writing isn’t your strength, a freelancer or marketing professional can take charge of business blogging to ensure your customers perceive you as an industry leader.

4. Blogging get customers engaged.

Whether you’re a software company that’s wants to be the go-to source for custom app development for business in your area. Or, a local produce delivery company trying to compete with giant grocery store chains, blogging is what we ensure your business stand out.

And it can achieve this through getting your customers engage. If you are not able to keep your customers interested and your brand top in mind, you Are losing ground with your customer base.

With blogs that resonates with your target buyers, you can get them stay around a bit longer. Not only that but your blog will distinguish your business from that of competitors.

5. Blogging generates more leads.

Not only is blogging going to bring in better leads, but also going to generate more of them.

Content Marketing produces three times more leads than paid search, according to CMI. (Content Marketing institute)

When users search online for a solution to their problem-and your blog provides the answer they need-you’ve got a winner, match. This perfect fit is more likely to eventually lead to a sale.

And, this is why blogging for business can be so impactful, you’re connecting with your market through the process of adding value to their lives or helping them with a problem.

Checklist for writing a blog post for your side hustle.

Tons of blog post are being publish daily but not all are getting the desire result, Google as a search engine get it own metrics they use to rank blogs post. And reader need there own questions be answered.

So writing a blog post is not, such to scrap some piece of words and hit publish hoping google will rank it. No, why most content don’t generate results is because it wasn’t done right.

You can generate realistic results from every blog post you write with this checklist.

1. Perform keyword research.

Don’t worry if this sounds fairly technical. Search engine optimization is a broad term and need several smaller tasks for creating more clear and engaging content, most of which are quite simple like keyword research.

With keyword research you want to know which keyword you’ll use to optimize your content.

In order word. Which search terms do you want each post to show up as a result for? You can determine this by Performing keyword research. Which helps you find phrases that are relevant to your content, and see how many times users search for them every month. You can then utilize Googled keyword planner. For instance, let’s say users find your site based on the keyword “sneaker reviews” you can plug this term into the tool. In turn, it will offer a list of related keywords you can use as long with data about how often they are searched for and how high the competition is each one.

3. Optimize the post for your keyword.

You have to bear in mind that you can increase your side hustle traffic with blogging to the next level without having search engine in mind. That’s why you need to bring it to mind. “Very important”

Once you have one or more keywords, you can start to create content that’s optimized for them. One way to do this is using dedicated WordPress plugin. There are several available solutions such as Yoast Seo. Which can help you craft content based around a given keyword.

3. Divide up text into smaller sections with headings.

As most people will scan a post, see if it sounds useful to them, and then decide if they’ll actually read the whole thing. By using big blocks if texts with no headlines, you’re making it hard for people to see what your post is actually about.

4. Perfect your headline.

Your headline is not just the first thing visitors will see when they open up the post. It might well be the first (and only) thing they see if they discover it in a search engine or find it shared on social media. It’s vitally important that your headline is both informative and interesting. To ensure that people click through to your article.

While there’s no one size -fits-all solution to writing a strong headline, there are some common tricks that tend to work. For example headlines featuring numbers and How-to tend to get the musts clicks.

5. Deep links to past posts.

Deep linking is basically just the practise of linking to past posts in a new post. So, each time you write a post which before you link back to previous post this gives your readers more information about your topic. (Helpful) but also keep people longer on your site.

6. Write a meta description.

A meta discription is a snippet of text you see underneath a pages title in search results. This is usually used to summarize the contents of the page.

The goal of the meta description is ultimately to get users click through to the actual article. You can think of this as the elevator pitch for your post.

It gives you an opportunity to sell the post to a prospective reader so it should match the content and feature the post keyword.

7. Add and optimize images.

As the idiom goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. This may never be truer than it is online, as there are plenty of Benefits to using images in your posts.

Naturally, they complement your written content in a visually appealing way. They also help your post feel more substantial and can be used to add extra value through including infographic or other visual ads. Images can even be used to improve your seo. However, to get any of these benefits, you need to use images thoughtfully.

8. Proofreed:

Proofreading is an integral part of writing as it help you catch mistakes before publishing. This is essential, as even minor errors can make you come across as sloppy and unprofessional it also gives you. An opportunity to revisit your post. From a more analytical perspective, enabling to improve before it goes live.


If you are working on a side hustle. You don’t have to missed the shot. Blogging is one way to increase trust and increase your traffic.

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