Want to be a top notch marketer? Build this 5 content marketing skills.

In today’s digital age. Self built skills are becoming more necessary. And as bloggers and marketers you have to keep your eye on growth. Where fresh, creative, human, talent and newfangled digital skills are in demand.

Whatever your reason for blogging. Whether, you are creating content to monetize the traffic, or you using blogging to drive traffic to your business or service. You have to keep in mind that content marketing done very well is what that can achieve any of those goals.

And with content marketing you may not need a college degree to be good at it. If it were law, engineering, and other relevant skills. I hope college is the best ground to hang. But when it comes to content marketing. (Particularly blogging) I don’t think any college right there have a curriculum for it.

The good news?

If you’re new to our industry of content marketing especially blogging, which set to be worth over $400 billion last year or even marketing in general a college degree isn’t always a prerequisite to succeed as a blog content creator.

The author justin lambert make some astounding statement. Which he titled the sub-heading be a tree, not a wall, “when a man builds a wall, it’s a finished things, a brick wall doesn’t grow. It doesn’t adapt, it just is. On the other hand, a tree can live for thousands if year’s. And during that entire time, what is it doing.

It’s growing pushing new leaves out of old branches every year. Expanding it’s truck, showing roots down into soil, tinkering it’s back and pushing even further.

That’s what it’s like as a blogger you’ll need to adapt to to change and established yourself daily.

In fact, Google doesn’t even require a degree And they’ve been open about this online. Suggesting career certificates instead. Apple, tesla, IBM, and even whole foods, costco, hilton banks of America are following suit and also don’t require a degree.

What is that?

Even without a degree top brands are still expecting the best, and it’s not by any means different with content marketing. All bloggers can develop this set of content marketing skill and still rise to the top if there career.

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1. A basic understanding of SEO.

When it comes to content marketing skills for blogger and marketer. SEO(which is search engine optimization) stands on top of important. as 51% of traffic to successful business come from organic search. Getting your business rank in search results like google can be crucial for success?

Over 90% of US traffic comes from google: google search, Google images, and google maps.

It drives almost 11× traffic than others. And 68% of people search the Internet for solutions to a problem daily. Google sees more than 2.2 billion search each day.

And over the pandemic last year Google search traffic went from 3.6 billion searches per day to 6 billion search per day.

And also, There are 1.74 billion website across the world competing for users attention. A websites ranking among those searches is critical to a business success.

And every company and blogger objective is to use organic search results. You draw website traffic that is high in not only quality but quantity as well.

So, you can see that making the best use of this content marketing skill is as important. As any other business skill you may think of.

SEO is all about comprehending the subjects and products people are researching inline. It’s also about understanding the phrases they’re entering into their web browsers to locate the information, then it’s using that data to create content that your search engine will understand.

The amount of people using google to search for answers to their question. Has never been greater, and you as a blogger or content marketer can get your own good share of the traffic that is going around daily. If you learn to use SEO best practices, this skillset revolves around a few thing including knowing how to write and optimize content for search, maintain and update older content, track content, and Use free tools.

Google are looking for content with a target keyword.

2. Social media literate:

Everyday, new trends and platforms come up and take over the digital marketing world. Take tiktok for example, which become instantly become a global hit.

As no blog or business website can succeed without traffic, you need to recognize the social media which your target market hangout. And then crush it till you get the derive results.

Social media gives people a voice and an opportunity to listen, engage, and build relationship.

And most people do it daily and longer. According to a statistics at digitalmarketing 3.96 billion people use social media today. Which account for roughly half (51%) of the global population.

On average, global Internet users spent 144 minutes on social media sites every day. That’s a great stat.

For a time, social media and blogging may have seemed interchangeable as both need content to thrive. But the easiest way to balance the relationship is that contents needs social media to drive

While social media can be essential during two of this key content marketing process.

  • Listening to your audience to understand what they care about, so you can create content that they will find engaging and relevant.
  • Distributing content from your business as well as from others,

If you are new to aligning your social media efforts, it’s best to start, small. Consider the top social platforms. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. And see where the largest concentration of your target members are congregating.

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3. Research skills:

The third content marketing skill bloggers and marketers need to be familiar themselves with is research skill. Your content won’t be effective if you don’t know whom you are talking to.

And you can’t know your target audience problem if you don’t research them.

When you put your audience need first and create content based on those needs. What are you really trying to do? Of course you want your content to get found, consumed and discussed, or shared, to generate action by your audience. You want the right people to find value in your content and subscribe to it.

Research skills are needed for content marketing. Because you have to verified every piece of information that you include in your article.

4. an understanding of great online content.

What does a great online online content look like to you?

You can’t get by in the content marketing industry if you haven’t shappened your content recognition skills.

Content and marketing trends changes, and so must does our content creation tactics.

Otherwise, we can kiss our chances of staying relevant and top-of-mind goodbye.

From research this is what great content is.

1. Great content answers questions.

When someone enter a query into search engine they are looking for something right?

  • An answer to a question.
  • Information related to a product or service.
  • How to do something.

For example if someone searches for [pizza recipe] you’ll assume they’ll like to know how to make pizza.

Eventually want to know more.

Scrolling to the middle of the deep, you will find Googles”people also ask” box, which list a few questions related to your search term.

Rather than simply throwing together a recipe with a little bit of commentary. A good content creator will implement some or all if all this questions. Within there healing and text.

In turn, the search engine will reward you with better rankings.

People you may not have reached before will now reach you and digest all your content instead of just the quick pizza recipe.

2. Great content is intentional & result focused.

You must have an intention for that piece of content. and a plan in place to achieve that goal.

Don’t create content willy nilly.

When you are generating new ideas and brainstorming what you are going to put together and how you are going to execute it. Do So with intention.

3. Great content is user generated.

People are related where sometimes brands Are not.

That’s why influencer amplification is often more successful than brand generated.


Because influencer are well known personalities, feel like friends and not people trying to sell.

Consumers feel connected to the people they follow, they think that they can trust them. So, think about who you are trying to reach and what type of content, appeals to them.

Them partner with relatable influencer who can create content that will make your business shine.

4. Great content have video.

Never lose sight on video content.

Just ask yourself the following questions.

  • What makes you connect with a brand or an individual.
  • you do you look at why you need detailed information before making purchase?
  • What did you feels the more connected to when you are browsing social media and the web
  • What kind of content feels you engaging.

I can guess it! It’s usually some form of video content, whether created by brands or by customers.

Video helps consumers learn more about something they might buy, it helps form educated decisions, and in some ways, it’s easier to consume.

5. Tenacity: the ability to see it through.

Nobody wins by quitting, tenacity is a content marketing skill every marketer and blogger needs to master.

As it takes time to start seeing traction with your content. Joe pullizi of Content Marketing institute and the biggest content marketing conference on the planet, has said that it takes 12-18 months to see content success.

As a blogger and content marketer don’t be in a haste to quit. No one win quitting. Be a proponent is one of the biggest reason for content marketing success.

6. Writing skills.

A good content marketer needs to know all the ins and out of writing, from correct spelling and grammar, to using the correct words for the target market.

All your piece of writing needs to be polished through editing before it come out. Though even great writer know It’s rare to have a perfect copy at the first try.

This is why content marketers need to learn how to edit their content before it’s published. During the process of editing, marketers can check for grammatical blunders in their piece of content.

Furthermore, editing ensures a piece of content has been successful in passing across it’s message to the audience. Is it clear enough for the reader and does it connect to their situation? How readable is it?

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7. Deep understanding of sales funnels.

Just like other marketing channels, the ultimate aim of content marketing is to turn your website visitors into leads and your leads into customers.

What’s it?

The sales funnel is each step that someone has to take in order to become your customer

It’s a critical content marketing skill small business owners and marketer need to master.

It’s a marketing term for journey potential customers to go through on the way to purchase. There are several steps to a sales funnel, which content marketers needs to be familiar with. They are.

1. Awareness.

The first level of the sales funnel stages is called the “awareness” level, for instance now, you run Facebook ads, to pull in visitors to your website or landing page.

What is been done here is creating awareness? that moment you first catch a consumer attention, it might be a tweet. Shared by a friend, a Google search, or something else entirely. What they all do is creating awareness.

Your prospect becomes aware of your business and what you offer.

When the chemistry is just right, consumers sometimes buy immediately. It’s a right place, right time scenario.

More often the awareness stage is more of a courtship you’re trying to win the prospect, returning to your site and engaging more with your business.

2. Interest:

This is the time to swoop in with incredible content that helps them, but doesn’t sell to them.

When consumers reach the interest stage in the sales funnel, they’re doing research, comparison shopping, and thinking over their options.

The goal here is to establish your expertise, help the consumer make an informed decision, and offer to help them in any way you can. If you’re pushing your product or service from the beginning, you’ll turn off prospects and chase them away.

3. Decision:

At this stage, the decision stage of the sales funnel is when the customer is she is ready to buy. He or she might be considering two or three options-hopefully, including you.

This is the time to make your very best offer. A discount code or a bonus product. Free shopping when most of your competition charges. A bonus product whatever the case, make it so irresistible that your lead can’t wait to take advantage of it.

4. Action.

At the very bottom of the sales funnel, the customer acts he or she purchases your product or services and becomes part of your business ecosystem

8. Content promotion skill.

According to Dereck halpin, marketers should spend 20% of their time creating content and 80% of their time promoting it. Even if you disagree with that percentage it’s obvious that content promotion is virtual-after all, it doesn’t matter how great content is if nobody is actually reading it or seeing it.

And there are various ways you can promote your content.

1. Send an email:

Your email list is (hopefully) composed of people who signed up because they’re interested in your brand and want to receive your latest updates. According to campaign monitor, six times more likely to get a click from an email Campaign than a tweet. That’s a great audience to promote your content to because they’re already engaged and much more likely to share.

2. Pay to promote.

Advertising your content is a fairly new concept that can work well, especially compared to traditional direct marketing tactics. Pay per click or by number of impression to help your content get more reach on a variety of platforms.

Facebook ads, Facebook make it possible to create target ads based on all kind of criteria, including demographic, location, and specific interest categories. If you know your target audiences well you can take advantage of this features for your content promotion.

3. Write for others.

Attract people from the web to important pages on your website (e.g, a squeeze page or sales page) by quest posting or blogging. Create amazing content and pitched it to other sites. If they let you, include links in the content and your author bio to key pages on your site.

4. Reach out to influencers outside social media.

Influencers with a sizable audience brand is a nice place to promote your content. Content that get shared by influencers get more clicks and more shares. Because of trust they have build so far. And at most case you don’t have to get to them on social media. A cool email pitch to a previously identified influencer can help you with a land a share.


Like I have previously said, content marketing when done well, can bring in great return than any other digital marketing effort. And with the tremendous amount of content that’s been published daily you need to shaken your skills and become very good at it that no one can ignore you.

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