Month: May 2021

There are lots of great reasons To start a blog, and making money blogging might not have been the one that got you into the blogging game. But the best part is that a lot of people make money from their blogs already. And some of then did not intentionally start there blog to make […]
Your blog niche idea help you narrow, and target a specific audience. which in turn increase engagement. According to recent blogging statistics, there’s a estimated 31.7 million bloggers now that we’re in 2021. This makes picking a clear blog niche idea more important than ever. That means if your blog covers a massive topic like […]
Finding a blog niche, should be one of every bloggers first action before purchasing a domain name. Starting a blog with search engine traffic is definitely a slow route to earning more online. However it also the cheapest and is the most newbie friendly in terms of allowing you to make mistakes and learn from […]
Why it may be fun with just some click of the mouse, to run a Facebook ads that may bring in traffic to your side gigs. But what if you don’t have the budget, and what if the ads click doesn’t convert? There is a proven way to increase your side traffic with blogging. It’s […]
In today’s digital age. Self built skills are becoming more necessary. And as bloggers and marketers you have to keep your eye on growth. Where fresh, creative, human, talent and newfangled digital skills are in demand. Whatever your reason for blogging. Whether, you are creating content to monetize the traffic, or you using blogging to […]
Good employee is a vital asset to any thriving society, and there’s nothing wrong with holding a satisfactory job, has long it’s contributing to your financial health and well-being. But what if you are tired of your your job and want to Quite the rat race? What if your dream is to be financial free before you’re […]
Why everyone have a reason and a goal why he brings resources together to start a business, yet not all reasons are good enough to embark on. Every entrepreneur need to sit down and ask himself. “Why did I want to want to start this business” Because startup failure rates are consistent across different types […]

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