Scale your business to the next level with content marketing

You have already fine tone your startup, and have turn that business idea into a existing business. Congratulation!

But it doesn’t end there, your business can’t withstand one thing, just has you can’t survive without oxygen. That is what customers are for your business. who are they? They are the one boss, that can fire all your employees, and even make your startup join the list of those endless fail business statistics. 

That’s why you have to have them at the front of your mind, when taking a business decision.

Everything have to evolve round them(your customers) including how your business will help to solve their problem, and that is were marketing comes in.

There are numerous ways that you can reach out to customers, but one thoroughly stands out. That is contents marketing.

So far you have seen where you need to give a special attention to content marketing but nothing beats a concrete evidence which can help you formulate your marketing budget and build the best content marketing strategy possible. As

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60% of marketers create at least one piece of content each day. Source emaketer.

Years-over-years grown in unique site traffic is 7.8× higher to content marketing leaders compared to followers (19.7% vs 2.5%).source aberdeen.

Content Marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3times as many leads. Source demand metric.

78% of (most believe custom content is the future of marketing. Source.demandmetric

48% of smaller organizations have a documented content strategy, compared to only, 41% of larger organization. Source cmi.

With this five statistics you can noticed where the marketing landscape is heading especially. For business with a online presence. Let’s look at the format of content that can suite your business.

What is content marketing

Content Marketing is not about, “what you sell,” it’s about “what you stand for” and content marketing is one of the most versatile tool in the digital marketing tool belt; though it’s approach is a bit different from other marketing tool because with content marketing you need to first need to strategically create and distribute valuable content to attract and retain a clearly -defined audience and ultimately to drive profitable customer action.

That means that content marketing is a longterm strategy that focuses on building a strong relationship with your target audience, by giving them high-quality content that is very relevant to them on a consistent basis.

Hey! Did you mean I should be consistently creating stuffs to give for free? That’s actually what I mean. And it went beyond creating stuff to creating what can solve someone problem in you field.

Reasons content marketing stands out.

Without doubt the reasons for creating valuable content for free can’t be over stated, let’s look at some of It.

1. Content Marketing provide stronger relation and loyalty.

Considering that 81% of consumers will conduct simple online research. Prior to making a purchase having a strong and respected brand on the internet is of utmost importance.

And having a powerful brand online is not something you win, rather you earn it. What did I mean by that? You don’t stumble into being recognize as an authority in your field rather you work to gain it.

When customers view you as an authority in whatever subject you’re writing about (and are knowledgeable about, since that’s your niche), you will win there trust early which will make selling to them rather very easier.

When your content provide value, to your customer. By solving that problem that has keep them awake at night, they see you as an expert, and I’ll like to spend there money on you.

2. Content Marketing brings about brand knowledge.

When customers or shoppers, know whom you are they are more inclined to give you their hard earned money. And how we they got to recognize your brand? Through all the valuable content you’ll be putting online.

3. Long lasting, cost less traffic. Leads and sales.

Enterprise companies like intel, ibm, and American express all attributes there success to year’s of content marketing.

It’s true that content marketing isn’t the cheapest way to boost sales in short-term it can take months to start seeing the real ROI and takes time and money, up front to start generating free content. But if it’s done right the growth that  good and evergreen content will generate only compound.

4. Content Marketing help you attract your idea audience.

Not every body we buy from you.  Because not every body have that same problem you are armed with the solution. Different demography have different problem.

But when you began to come out with different solutions, those that have that problem will locate you.

5. Increase brand royalty.

According to nielsen, 70 percent of people says they trust information on branded websites. When you put valuable content on your website it increases your brand trust and royalties.

Decide the format of the content.

Sure, you have come to understand that contents are valuable. But what specific format does your mind stops on?

When most people try to figure out what content is, what come first to their mind is written text, that is blog posts. Actually that’s a great form of content, and that is what I use most. but that’s not all about content. Content is not just blog post. It can also be audios, images, social media content, YouTube videos, etc it depends on your own expertise.

What actually is a content.

“Content is the presentation of information, in any form and through Any channel, to an audience, it has to have a purpose and be outcome-oriented.

If content is king, then a variety of contents most be king of kinds. Once you understand that content is not equal to blog posts, then there are endless opportunities to create amazing content through the leverage of many channels. But your company blog is to be at the forefront of your mind.

Putting yourself at the forefront of content creation.

Your company might have a website or you are just starting out you want to set up your blog and began putting yourself in the shoe of regular content creation. That’s not a issue. 

You have to remember that even though you don’t have a company. Setting up a personal blog and began posting useful content regularly can be monetize, so many ways. Like affiliate, selling your own stuffs,(online course, ebook, expertise) or using ads network like wordads, google adsense. Just to name a few.

Setting up a blog if you don’t already have one.

If you have not setup your blog. Or found a place to host(affiliate link) the content you’re going to create now is the time.

Though a lot of things can always come to mind when I mention a blog, such as (medium, Google blogger, popularly know as blogspot. Wix, tumbly) no. There is also tons of great and easy to use options to choose from. In setting up your own website that go from ready-to-use platforms to fully customizable templates. ” let’s go for WordPress.

What is WordPress and how can I set it up?

WordPress is a easy to use CMS( content management system) own by automatic, and the best news is that you don’t have to code anything. They have a thousand of themes to tweak your blog appearance. and a thousands of plugins to add any functionality you want.

WordPress, content management system will give you many advantages over those “websites built” ready to go CMS like squarespace, medium, as they will limits you by some vital features that could have get your site noticed. 

Why your own site gives you the flexibility and freedom to make it exactly how you want, it also means more upfront and ongoing time investment. But trust me, it possible to scale through.

Disclosure: please note that some of the links below are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, but I’ll earn a commission when you purchase through my links. And also remember the web hosting I I’ll recommend is what I use, thanks for sponsoring.

So if you Are ready now, it’s time to set up your blog, using dreamhost(affiliate link) with the following steps.

1. choose a domain name. The first step is to choose a domain name, your domain name, is what people will search for in search bar of there blogger. E.g, and your domain name can be change anytime. One of the benefits you get from using dreamhost is you get a free domain name if you purchase their one year plan and above. And you get billed as low as $2.59 monthly check here to start(affiliate link)

2. Get a web hosting: there are a lot of web host providers out there but we choose dreamhost as they are among the WordPress recommended hosting providers (prior to siteground and bluehost) and they are 100 percent reliable, you can count on them to give you their best. Dream host also offer monthly and quarterly plan for those on budget. you can start here to get your web host, or you check our dreamhost review.

Once you have get through with the web hosting, you then have to get your theme setup, and enhance your site with some WordPress plugins like Jetpack, Akismet, wordfence, etc.

start creating content.

Once your blog is setup, or if your company website have previously own a blog, your next step should be. Knowing exactly if you will hire a freelancer or you have to do the writing yourself.  You can get professional content creators at fiverr (affiliate link) or I will best advice you to write it with your own expertise.

Understand your audience.

Before you create your first piece of content for your audience, it’s important to understand your audience.

If you don’t know who you are creating the content for, then it would be impossible to create what we caters for there needs or wants. If readers don’t find your content helpful, you won’t be able to generate any lead.

Andrea Goulet, founder of brandvox break the process of defining your audience down in her skill share class become a better blogger.

  1. Demographics: find your target audience age, gender, location, ethnicity, income, job title etc.
  2.  Phychographics: determine their hobbies, beliefs, interests, habits.
  3. Challenges: what type of challenges did they face that make them search for your product or service.
  4. Your solution: how can you help your target audience find and use the information they are looking for?.

And you’ll need to create a target audience for your content marketing strategy. And I divide the audience into two segments.

1. primary audience: your primary audience should make up those who are most likely to buy your products or services, all your all your contents should be targeted at them.

2. secondary audience: your secondary audience should made up of those people who require a little more convincing before they can be part of your primary audience.

Once you’ve strategically identified the people you should target with your audience content, you will be able to easily determine the right ideas, topics and keywords that you need to incorporate into your strategy.

develop a content marketing strategy.

The great mistake most marketer get is not having a strategy. Because great content can absolutely be useless without a strategy behind it.

Since the intent behind content marketing is about drawing your audience in with high-value content, your content must be genuinely engaging, informative and/or entertaining to your audience just because it’s something you want to write or shoot doesn’t mean it’s something they want to read or watch.

So, a successful content strategy is carefully created, documented and executed without deviation.

Here is how I create my content marketing strategy

1 choose a goal.

It goes without saying, that different small business owners haves different goal at heart. My intent of creating this content can be far different from yours.

And getting strategies for your content can help you achieve some of the goal that your mind as been pondering on. But you know what, the ultimate goal will always be to get more customers and more sales. But different strategic goals you can focus on include.

  • Building brand awareness.
  • Generating new leads.
  • Increasing the number of email subscribers.
  • Driving immediate sales.
  • Improving the overall SEO of your site with UX review, optimized content, improved CTAs, backlinks.
  • Getting more traffic to your site through social shares or seo.

And your content marketing strategy can take any or even more of this goals into account but it’s important to know what exactly it is or are they. So you can optimized your site for it. And it is a good idea to start with one or two goals and the change hen or branch out once you’ve seem some good return on investment.

2.Optimize your content:

Each time you put a ink on paper, enter a photoshop to design a infographic or create a video, always have one specific goal in mond for it. You know that contents are free, so the best use of it, is to use it in promoting your services. You should have one specific goal in mind. That make it much more efficient to optimize the living daylights out of that post.

This process make it easier for you to give users actions that they can take without their feeling overwhelmed, and thus will increase the effectiveness of the individual post.

Actions like!

  1. Brand awareness and thought leadership: getting your content leaveage on other platforms shows a tone of expertise in both the eye of search engine and customers. Especially on other blogs. To show your array of knowledge, and engage with thought leaders. You can also link to other content of yours.
  2.  Sales: you are free to mention products in your posts and include a link towards the end of them with a strong call to action (urging your visitor go back and check then.
  3. Lead Generation and email subscribers: place CTA buttons throughout the post to encourage email signups and use an opt-in widget on the side of the most. This can feature a lead magnet like an ebooks or white paper if you have one, or even a free consultation. It can be simple.
  4.  On site engagement: make it easy for users to leave comments on your site. Jetpack is a great tool for this, and it’s a plugin that’s particularly easy to use.
  5. Format your blog posts: writing sake doesn’t add that much value to your company or blog. Imagine you a blogger, just writing dozens of posts without any affiliate post. Or a company publishing dozens of post with any call to action.

No, it’s not done right, your post have to get a pre plan format. To get a return on investment.

Best Practices you can apply to every posts include.


1. social sharing: take advantage of social sharing bars, which can be installed through plugins and make it super easy for people to share your article-all the readers need to do is click a button, this will help you distribute your post without any extra effort on your part, and there is a tone of plugins for that. Even telling other reader how many people have shared, which acts as powerful social proofs.

2. Call to action: always, having a distinct CTA at the end of every post post- and even better, throughout the post.

3. CTA placement: for maximum impact, the CTA button or link should be separated from the last paragraph by at least one space and ideally highlighted, bolded or italicized to draw attention to it. A place a clickable link with specific instructions like “sign up for our ebook here” or “register for our webinar now,” the more actionable and specific you CTA the better.

My last thought.

Content Marketing is now a non-negotiable part of running a business, and it’s getting more sophisticated by the day. Bringing together audience research, business goals and analysis result into a multimedia strategy aligned with your brands. Unique voice and targeted to different audience segments at different stages of the nurturing funnel is no easy job. But the chance you have of nailing it is making sure you know your audience inside and out, and then follow the best content creation practise.

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