Why you should start your blog with dream host.

No one I’ll prefer is website host on a chunk server, and neither will I recommend a scrap web host for you.

Dream host was established back in 1997, can be considered a veteran name among internetpreneurs or webmasters. While perhaps not as popular as bluehost or sitegroud. The provider is no underdog as evidenced by the Fact that 1.5 million websites as of 2021.

With extensive product offerings that aren’t just limited to hosting plans, dream host can help you integrate domain names, websites builders, and emails hosting into your website efficiently and affordably.

It’s web hosting with a purpose and will make sure your site is fast, secure, and up to date for your visitors.

But before we delve inside, let’s consider this.

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7 things you need to be aware about dream host.

1. Recommended by WordPress:

Dream host is one of the only three web hosting providers recommended by WordPress. The most popular and open source CMS that currently powers a big chunk of the entire Internet more than 30 percent of the web.

2. Linux based hosting:

To name a few, Dreamhost is completely a Linux environment with all web servers running apache on the ubuntu operating system. Additionally, dreamhosts VPS and dedicated servers can run NGINX, a free and open source web server that delivers high performance and consumes fewer resources. Nginx powers several high-visibility sites, including Netflix, Pinterest, cloud flare, GIFTHUB and MAXCDN, to name a few.

3. Monthly web hosting:

Dream host offers the flexibility to pay monthly and cancel the plan at any time without spending extra money. All monthly web hosting plans provide the same functionality as annual plans.

4. Green hosting:

Dreamhost provides green hosting solutions to minimize it’s environmental or ecological footprint. It’s facilities are LEED platinum and energy start certified and utilize advanced lighting control system with occupancy sensors and balanced and highly-optimized HVAC plants, additionally, it’s data centers are powered by renewable electric grids.

5. 100% uptime guarantee:

Dreamhost promises to keep your website fully-functional around the clock with a 100 percent uptime guarantee. The company will compensate you if it fails to deliver its promise.

6. Fast solid state drives (SSDS):

To reduce load times and deliver extreme speed-claimed to be about 200 percent faster than the traditional hard disk drives (HDDS)

7. No c-panel:

While most web hosting companies leverage c-panel to manage web hosting, dream host use a more intuitive custom-built control panel. Since in-house dreamhost panels runs on separate severs, it doesn’t consume any resources on web-server.

Dream host compared to the best web hosting services.

As you have seen so far, dreamhost is a more well-rounded and inclusive option, with an extensive range of website products for different needs.

Dreamhost is my pick for quick and responsive website changes. Because of its dedication to excel and adapt to new trends, not only that, dreamhoat also has passion for privacy, security and is employee owned, so they have a strong focus on it’s users and their individual needs.

I reviewed dozens of different web hosting services and narrowed it down to the top right options. I looked at each option to see who it’s best for, what options there are to choose from, and how to choose the right one and dream host always standout.

Though it may be tempting to use the free WordPress.com to power your new site. You don’t have to put it a try, unless you’ll be using a upgraded plans. But if you really want to make money blogging dreamhost isn’t only best but good.

Pros and cons if using dreamhost.

Like any other web hosting, dream host also come with it’s own cons, but the truth remains. You can’t compare the pros with the cons, “little cons many pro”


  1. 1-click install: dreamhost has a one click installed, for WordPress making it very easy for everybody with any experience to use.
  2. Unlimited: all dreamhosts accounts come with truly unlimited bandwidth and generous storage. Unlike others, no nodes limitations.
  3. Affordable: dreamhost is one of the cheapest web hosting around.
  4. 97-days money back guarantee: they’ll refund you, if after 97 days (yes 97) of using them, you’re unhappy with their service.
  5. Performance: in our tests (uptime&speed,) dream host performed really well-more on this below.


  1. Not many 1-click installs. They only have automated installations for a few CMS, (e.g. WordPress)
  2. No email accounts in the starter plan: emails accounts are paid separately for the shared starter plan. But they are fairy affordable too.
  3. Support: it doesn’t offer live chat 24 hours a day, only from 5:30 AM to 9:30 PM pacific time. Outside those hours you are left with support, which is significantly slower.

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Popular controversy, against dream host which is not true.

According to a resources At above linkit says dream host are only limited to the US. That they don‘t have servers outside north America. But that’s far the truth. Am in Nigeria and I Am enjoying the benefits that the host offers. So if you’ve come across such thought don’t be misled.

Dreamhosting plans.

Dream host come with a variety of options to choose from.

1. Shared hosting:

it’s by far the most common type if web hosting. The vast majority of people used shared hosting for their blogs and web sites. It’s called shared hosting because you’re not the only person using the host. And it’s best option for beginners, but you may need to improve later on. It  starting as low as $2.59 per month. But like previously said the plan doesn’t include a professional email address. Which can the acquire at a additional affordable cost. Get your now for only $2.59.

2. Dedicated web hosting:

If you have particularly high levels of traffic and/or your application requires intensive use of the CPU, dedicated web hosting offers you your own server. naturally, this is more expensive and dream host dedicated web hosting starts at $99 for a year. In advance, or $109monthly. We shall not be discussing dedicated web hosting at this moment. Well focus on the shared web hosting.

3. VPS hosting:

Virtual private servers, with this sever each has there own specific partition on the server. If there is a spoke in general demand. This will effect shared hosting clients, but not those with VPS because their piece of server is for them only. VPS plans start at $15/month for a small site needing only 300mb Ram, rising to $200 for a larger site with 4000 Mb Ram.

Dreampress WordPress hosting.

Dreamhost also offers a dedicated WordPress hosting service known as dreamPress. For $24.95 per site, you will get your WordPress site installed and set up for you. This is a managed VPS hosting package that is optimized using any theme and plugins you choose. Your site will have high scalability and immunity; and you’ll get 24/7 support, via live chat, telephone and emails.

Some useful details about dreamhost shared hosting for bloggers.

As we mentioned earlier, shared hosting plans tend to be less expensive than other types of hosting. Such as a virtual private server (VPS) or dedicated hosting. Since you’re using only part of a servers storage space and resources on a shared plan, Your hosting provider can afford to offer lower costs.

1. Host cost:

Dreamhost shared hosting plan at Just $2.59 per month. And this is highly affordable even if you have very little to spend on your blog. Compare with the WordPress.com business plan. Or it’s dedicated hosting plans.

This is highly affordable, even for those who have little to invest in their website upfront. Compare this with dedicated hosting plan. Making it the best choice for beginners.

2. Free domains for one year.

Your Registration for your annual purchase is free. From then on a .com domain we’ll be renewed at about $6.99, .blog around $4.99, .org around 11.99. With shared hosting plan, you’ll be able to Have 1 domain name and 5 subdomains, which are unlimited with the shared unlimited plan.

4. Emails.

Oddly enough, you won’t have free email accounts with the starter plan (they start at $1.70 a month extra). With the unlimited tier, you will be able to create and manage unlimited email accounts. Each mail account size will be limited to 2GB max.

What’s is still holding you? Get your free domain, and a hosting plan for just $2:59.

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